Elise Tyler - We Are Prism
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Elise Tyler

Elise Tyler became interested in film when she and her older brother started creating their own shorts as kids. Even then, she was entranced by being on set – the creative frenzy, the collaborative drive, the power of the camera – it all set the path for the rest of her life. After starting out in the industry as a freelance producer working with directors like So Yong Kim, Harmony Korine, AG Rojas and Emily Kai Bock, Elise stepped behind the lens and began transitioning to follow to her true calling of directing full-time.

Elise’s style is a mix of documentary realism merged with an unnamable alchemy that brings a poignant vulnerability to every piece she helms. This soulful, story-driven approach is often tinged with photographic grit and a taste for the unexpected.  “Today Will Be Our Last Day On the Streets,” her portrait of an expecting homeless couple struggling to make the most basic ends meet, is signature example of Elise’s highly empathetic eye and her propensity to lean straight into the unknown. Her short films for Dazed and Refinery29 and music videos for the likes of Damien Jurado and William Tyler have shown off her singular vision, making Elise Tyler a filmmaker whose talents are becoming more and more sought after.