Zack Seckler - We Are Prism
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Zack Seckler

Born in Boston, Zack Seckler grew up as an only child with quirky intellectual parents and an emotionally vacant cat. He studied Psychology at Syracuse University and developed a passion for the visual arts; the obvious next step with a liberal arts degree.
Zack began in photography, learning the nuances of color, composition and light. After a decade-plus career in stills, Zack transitioned into directing comedy and now works across both mediums for brands including Apple, Bayer, Brighthouse Financial, Columbia Sportswear, Google, Samsung and Vicks. He’s been awarded 20+ times by institutions including Communication Arts, Cannes Lions, and Lürzer’s Archive.
In addition to advertising work, Zack has had several major exhibitions of his fine artwork and garnered international attention from Artforum, CNN, Huffington Post, London Times and WIRED.
Between commissions, Zack fuels his comedic passion by writing, directing and producing his own material. His work has gone viral multiple times in the press resulting in dozens of print features, magazine covers and millions of online media impressions.
Zack currently resides in the suburbs of New York City with his lovely wife, two young sons and an emotionally stable dog.