Barneys 2016: Peace, Love, Joy + Analog - We Are Prism
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Barney’s invited us back again this year to create another holiday window for their new downtown store. Mashing up traditional animation, throwback CG, and vintage analog effects, PLJ+A is a cannon ball leap into the deep end of the holiday spirit.

PLJ + A was born out of a desire for exploration: exploring how the meaning of Peace, Love, and Joy extends beyond the usual holiday symbolism, and expanding the approach that we’ve usually taken to animation.

This project represented Elliot’s first work in the world of analog video effects.

Elliot has been interested in working with analog effects for quite some time. Analog, unlike the digital animation tools that he typically uses, is a process that rewards experimentation and improvisation. You’ll never get the exactly the same look twice.

At the same time, he made a conscious decision not to simply go for a throwback – instead, the team used CG and traditional animation as a visual seed for the analog work. This resulted in a cool visual hybrid that blends digital and analog elements.

The key piece of equipment in the analog pipeline is a video mixer – we used an Edirol V-4. But it’s not the only analog tool that was used. The Edirol was used in conjunction with a VHS camcorder and a vintage analog Commodore 64 monitor, allowing for nested video feedback loops and stacked analog effects – which are then finally fed back into a digital signal and boosted back to HD quality.

Elliot Blanchard
Animation, Experience